Maak kennis met ...

Maak kennis met ...

Thomas Creppy, Basketbalspeler

What do you think the most important skill a basketball player needs to have to become a professional?
-I  think the most important skill is the "mental toughness" as an athlete you always go through ups and downs. It's about getting back when you have your lows and staying on top when everything goes well.

Do you have a specific ritual before the match?
- I do. I eat pasta. Nap time. Watching basketball and loooots of music.

What does your off-season look like?
- Off-season to me it's that time you have to work twice harder than you usually do. If you want reach your goals then there's no secret. You have to grind harder.

 What tip would you give yourself if you were back 16?
-Work harder than yesterday


Bedankt Thomas !

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